Projections by Dorothea Gloria

Who Am I?

With my dark hair

My light skin

My dark brown eyes

My button nose

My small mouth

My pointy chin

Am I your fears?

Am I your frustrations?

Am I your broken hopes and dreams?

Am I your outlet?

Am I your weakness?

Am I your shadows lurking in the darkness?

Who Am I?

With my round cheeks

My flushed face

My tiny ears

My delicate hands

My petite frame

My soft waist

Am I your sadness?

Am I your failures?

Am I the mistakes you made?

Am I your sorrows?

Am I your doubts?

Am I the manifestation of your crashing and your shouts?

Who Am I?

With these thighs

My legs

My feet

This neck

These lungs

This moving body‚Ä®

Am I not your hopes?

Am I not your dreams?

Am I not the person who puts you to sleep?

Am I not your wife?

Am I not your friend?

Am I not your daughter you wish to defend?

Who Am I?

This poem was written by Dorothea Gloria for Artists Against Domestic Violence. Dorothea hauntingly conducts an “exploration of the human psyche of abuse.” TW: This performance contains thematic elements of intimacy and allusions to abuse. Viewer discretion is advised.