by Dorothea Gloria

This article was written in high hopes that we artists can once again perform together in a physical theater space.

I always believe that having a ritual before an audition is important because it grounds me. Having set things to do balances me before going into something as nerve-wracking as an audition. Let me share with you the five things that I do before stepping inside an audition room. 

1. Warm Up

I always warm-up both my body and my voice to make sure that my facilities are ready for the upcoming task. I do a 15 minute breath exercise then a 10 minute stretch.

For the times I didn’t warm-up (which totally happens), I notice that different muscles throughout my body are lazy. I don’t annunciate my words very well. I have low endurance especially when it comes to an emotionally charged monologue, etc.

2. Go Over My Lines

I always make sure to read my script and say them twice out loud before auditioning. Even though I know my lines very well, it doesn’t hurt to look over them.

When I don’t go over my lines, I feel very unstable going into the audition room. I feel like i’ve missed an integral part of my preparation.

3. Pick My Outfit

I always think of my outfit that I wear carefully. I pick something that I can move in easily, that expresses the character that I’m playing, and that makes me look good and professional.

I learned to pick my outfit because a teacher once told me that the first 30 seconds are make or break for a performer like me. I only have a few minutes to share with the casting directors and each second counts, including the first second when they lay their eyes on me.

4. Visualize

I always close my eyes and visualize what happens as I enter the audition room. I visualize greeting the panel effortlessly, I visualize nailing my monologue, and I even visualize getting an acceptance for the role.

Visualizing is like another rehearsal for me. It gives me a sense of comfort in a way that makes me think that i’m not going into the room green.

5. Breathe

I take deep steady breaths minutes before an audition and even as I enter. I make sure to be aware that I’m breathing because it really changes the way I take in my surroundings.

When I forget to breathe, my introduction and my monologue turn out tight and tense.

So these are the five things I do before an audition. Try it out for yourself and maybe you will notice a difference when you go for your next audition. Wishing you all the best and break a leg!