Tea Time with Team

Saturday's from 4pm-6pm EST

Pinkies up and let’s have tea!


Are you a writer? Would you like your work to be read and workshopped privately by professional actors and directors in a safe, closed-doors online space? Then this is the place for you!

Tea Time with Team was born from the intention of honoring that essential stage of the writing process where things are almost coming together but that final piece is still missing: hearing the words out loud!

So, join us in our
private Zoom readings!

We are currently accepting scripts of any length and language!

 Submit your scripts at team@teamtheatre.com


And don’t forget to have your Tea ready!



On a little break until further notice

Sammelsurium (an experimental improv-zoom-mishmash) is on a break for a bit. But we will be pursuing another project that came out of it soon.

Stay tuned!